What is CBD Isolate?

- The compound “CBD” is extracted from the hemp plant through a C02 process and isolated into pure form making it highly concentrated. 


 Will CBD get me high?

 -No, CBD is a non-psychoactive chemical within the cannabis/hemp plant.


Will I pass a drug test for my job?

 -Yes, our CBD isolate and CBD isolate products are hemp-derived. It is 100% THC FREE, highly concentrated, and non-psychoactive.


How do I use CBD?

-Limitless Evolution offers a number of products to fit our consumers needs. We have topical lotions for external application, tinctures for consumption, and raw isolate for cooking or smoking. Limitless Evolution even offers CBD for your K-9 and feline companions.


Is CBD legal?

-CBD isolate is pure. It exists as a white powder and contains no other compounds. Because our CBD is 100% THC FREE and derived from hemp it is legal to process and distribute. The 2018 Farm Bill was signed into law in December 2018, legalizing hemp at the federal level.


Can I own a firearm if I use CBD?

 -Yes, because CBD is non-psychoactive it will not effect your ability to own a permitted firearm.