Limitless Evolution CBD is a veteran owned and operated business. Our CBD journey began after our founder, Justin Deskin, was medically retired from the Armed Forces but not before spending 3 years in Walter Reed Military Hospital. Justin had been exposed to a chemical that irreversibly and significantly changed his life forever. After a good year of the Intensive Care Unit, over 30 procedures, and 118 different medications his life seemed to be heading into a downward spiral. With so many options exhausted a medical team decided to try something different and recommended CBD; that is when everything changed.

Within a few days a sense of control started to come back to his body; the pain and anxiety began to melt away. Days turned into weeks of use and this led him to stop needing his prescribed opiates, blood pressure medication and mental health medication. Justin went from someone who was destined to spend his life in an unhealthy and medicated state to being human once more. 

Limitless Evolution believes CBD should be affordable for everyone. We are a family that cares about your family, friends and you. We believe in sustainability, the use of minimal ingredients and keeping things just as simple as possible. Our products are 100% THC-FREE and created using Non-GMO Fair Trade Ingredients. We take pride in what we do and are happy to educate others on the benefits of CBD. Our goal is to provide an effective form of CBD by using proprietary ingredients to increase overall bio-availability in the body. We are dedicated to providing our community with high quality products at minimal cost. Limitless Evolution LLC thanks you for your support and we look forward to assisting you with your journey.


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